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Tips when taping | Thysol – TapeConcept

Tips when taping

There are a few practical tips which always apply whatever the taping technique used.

  1. Always see to it that the skin to be taped is clean, dry and free from oil, creams or dirt.
  2. It is always advisable to put the tape on the bare skin. On x hairy skin the tape does not stick as  well and it peels off sooner. As the tape has to be removed at some point, it is recommended to remove hair beforehand.
  3. Removing the tape from the paper is easiest if you keep the cut piece of tape with the cotton side towards you and go with the tip of your finger across the upper edge. It is also possible to tear the paper first (for some techniques this is advisable).
  4. Always apply the base and the tape’s anchor’s  without using stretch.
  5. Round of the ends of the tape to reduce peeling or curling.
  6. See to it that there are no folds in the tape or in the skin under the tape, because this may cause blisters.
  7. When the tape has been applied, rub it thoroughly for optimal adhesion.
  8. The tape sticks better if the material becomes warm, therefore be careful when applying heat to areas of skin with tape.
  9. The skin under the tape can start itching. This is not a problem unless it lasts more  than half an hour. In this case the tape must be removed.
  10. The tape must be removed carefully. Stretch the skin and roll the tape off parallel to itself. If need be soak the tape in water first.
  11. When the tape is removed carelessly the skin may become irritated and harmed.
  12. The tape can only be used lengthwise.  In the case of children  thinner strips should be cut.

Remark: The skin should be free of oils and creams to get optimal adhesion; pure essential oils from the aroma therapy however are the exception. The tape sticks even better with this oil. However, one should be careful as some oils cause skin irritation and for certain oils can be contraindicated.

The Curetape ® can be cut by our TapeConcept scissors in different forms. We can categorize them in I, X, Y and lymph tapes.
TapeConcept does not advise precut tapes as all people have different bodies (size and length). It’s up to the professional trained taper to use and cut the right size.


Cutting and handling of CureTape (Medical Taping Concept):